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Rob Curl - Oct 10, 2000
Title: Mustard Lemon Chicken Creole

This dish is from Montana's (where I worked). If there is a certain dish that you have tried and want the recipe for feel free to ask. Plus I have a few of my own recipes!
Semi-spicey depending on the mustard and szechaun amounts

1oz butter/olive oil
1/2oz fresh garlic
1/2oz lemon juice
1oz French's mustard
1.5oz Ranch dressing
1/4oz Szechaun (this is most of the spice)
8-10oz sliced chicken breast
4oz diced tomatoes
4oz Red/green pepper mix (saute till soft first)
2oz diced onions
2oz sliced mushrooms
5oz alfreado
10-12 oz linguine

"This is modified from Montana's Lunch Board"
place oil, garlic, szechaun, mustard, ranch, and chicken in pan to saute till chicken is at least 75% done.
Add onoins, mushrooms. tomatoes and pre-sauted peppers,
Add alfreado
Add Salt, Pepper and Italian seasoning ass needed
Place over top of Linguine.

Number Of Servings:2-3

Preparation Time:10-15 min

Pat Gaspar - Aug 24, 2000
Title: Taco Dip

Appetizer ....mmmmmm gooood
sour cream (small tub)
cream cheese (normal size square)
green onions
pre-grated cheese for tacos and nachos
bite size tostito round tortilla chips

1. Cream cream cheese and sour cream till smooth.
2. Spread in bottom of 9" pie plate.
3. Spread 2/3 jar of salsa ontop.
4. Layer chopped tomatoes, green onions and then lettuce.
5. Top with lots of cheese.

DIG in with chips...

Number Of Servings:lots

Preparation Time:10 minutes


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